Find healthy recipes quickly and easily.

Digest is an iOS recipe app that helps users find healthy recipes that are easy on your gut, quickly and easily.

Services: UI, UX
Tools: Sketch

Goals & Users

The recipe app will allow users to find and use healthy recipes with a primary focus on gut health. Users will be able to find recipes quickly and easily.


The main goal a task user will want and need to accomplish include searching for relevant recipes, to read ingredients, and to view cooking instructions for preparing a meal. It is important these are easy to find, easy to follow and clear for the user.


Typical users of this app are people who either suffers from gut health issues, or people who wants to maintain a healthy gut. There may also be some users that just want to find general healthy recipes. The app will mainly be used at home or on the go, such as in a supermarket.


The app must be easy to read as it will be used in environments such as a supermarket or while walking in the street, as well as the kitchen.

Users will be able to edit preferences with limitations and likes/dislikes to customsise the app to them. They will also be able to search with a keyword(s) or recipe name / ingredient to find recipes. Recipe ingredients and cooking instructions need to be included to allow the app to operate properly as a recipe app. It is important that users can save/favourite recipes so that they can find them quickly at a different time. Returning to the app later in the day to prepare the recipe found in the morning is essential.

A login and password is essential for security, but the process must be quick. Email login and password or social media login is needed on the recipe app. Unless logged out, the users will automatically return to app without having to login on their next visit. This makes the app more user friendly and quick and easy to use.

Today, people are more aware of what they are eating/drinking. People want to be healthy, and they want to feel good eating/drinking. Gut health is such an important area that is often neglected by people.

User Experience Research

These user personas were produced to help develop the final UI.


Key features include a database of recipes and collections, profile personalisation to include and remove liked/disliked ingredients, search with filters, shopping list and favourited recipes.

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